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Meet Alisha!

I started this endeavor wanting to empower women to feel sexy in their own skin and coincidentally it landed with many women who are fit, but my mission is to make a positive impact on the way our society views beauty and bring it back from its current state of distortion by celebrating all shapes & sizes. I welcome all, beauty is about the scars and imperfections that make us who we are today.

​My photography isn't about conforming to the idealistic unattainable standard of beauty that the media shows. I want it to be about freeing women from the notion that they do not compare to it. It is about showing woman that they, too, can look “like that” when they are pampered in the same way.


I kindly ask that you respect my mission for my galleries to be for the nature of beauty and only that...please DO NOT visit my galleries or view my pictures if you are not wanting to view them as only that.

Thank you so much for your understanding!